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Начало » Тексты » Тексты Angels and Airwaves » I-Empire(оригинальные)

Love Like Rockets
I held my head as I left the ground
The belts grew tight as the blasts grew loud
A loving wish whispered in my ear
Please leave with grace all the best my dear
yeah it’s like I head your hand as I pulled you in
your lips sealed tight ready to begin
I kissed you first then you kissed my ear
if I ask you once will you ask my every year?
Do you feel alive? Imagine Imagine
Do you feel alive? Imagine Imagine

Imagine the sun is set in the night time sky
the stars they cast a glow upon my eyes
the earth itself a burning ball of light
yeah its like when our first love was ignited late that night

Do you feel alive? Imagine Imagine Do you feel alive?
Imagine Imagine




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